There are many religions represented in Kerman, from Catholicism and Islam to Sikhism and Mormonism. But how is being a Christian different from following other religions? What makes it unique or makes its claims any different than anyone else's?

Christianity is based on a belief in the God of the Bible. The Bible tells us of God's greatness and justice, of His love for people and His justice towards good and evil. The Bible gives the history of the followers of God throughout history, starting with Adam, the first man, through David who slew Goliath and on to Jesus. Of course, the Bible gives the stories of many others, far more than we can tell here. Think back to Jesus though - He was unique because He was not just a man, but actually God Himself come to the earth in the form of a man. Why would God come to the earth as a man? Well, it goes back to the fact that the human race had rejected God and rebelled against His will for us. Perhaps you've heard of the seven deadly sins or some other sins. God had commanded that anyone who sinned would be punished for their sin with death. This was not speaking of a physical death, per se, but of a spiritual death. It meant that we would be unable to live the way we should and would not go to heaven when our life on this earth ended. God didn't want this though. He wanted people to love Him and to be with Him in heaven.

Because of His love for us, God sent Jesus to the earth to pay for our sins. Jesus lived a sinless life but was then killed for claiming to be God (which He actually was). His death was not accidental though, He had planned it as a way to pay for sin. Remember that the punishment for sin was death? Jesus Christ died to pay for our sins. His death on the cross was far more than just a physical death, Jesus suffered for every person's sins. And not only did He die,  He also came back from the dead! It seems impossible, but God is God because He can do the impossible. Hundreds of people saw Jesus again after  He came back from the dead and testified that it was true.

How do you relate to God? One day you will stand before God to tell Him what you did with your life. The biggest issue will be what you did with Jesus. Do you believe that He is God? Are you trusting in His forgiveness of your sins to make you clean, or are you hoping you'll be "good enough" for God? These are major life issues that need to be considered and decided. Life is too short and eternity to long to ignore spiritual realities. Many live their entire lives distracted by everything besides God.

These paragraphs are just a small portion of what the Bible says about God, man, living, and life after death. You are welcome to contact Kerman Baptist or visit one of our services to get more information on these topics or to talk to a knowledgeable pastor. We have time for you and are always happy to explain anything you might have questions about.